Relaunch of the sms77 webapp: Customer-optimized design and new features to send business SMS

The provider wants to give its customers more transparency. Clearly arranged settings of all features optimize the flexibility of the application as well. Each user has numerous options available within their personal accounts, i.e. to enable inbound number, validate phone numbers and manage bulk SMS.

Optimized: service, functionality & design

Especially for applications that require both high reachability of recipients as well as reliable handling of safety-critical data, the use of SMS notifications is an essential component of a modern communication structure. The SMS Gateway offers optimal solutions for two-factor authentication, alerts and monitoring, as well as for other applications of IT, EDP, finance sectors, marketing and customer experience.
Not only the interface has a shiny new design. In particular, features and options have been redesigned to give customers more design options for their SMS campaigns. On the one hand, presentation and usability are better structured in order to get to certain menu items easier and faster. On the other hand, some details have been developed further, so that a more individual editing of own data and settings is possible.
In the field of business communication via mobile messaging, the SMS gateway provider relies on a clear design and improved functions to send and receive SMS. Customers can look forward to more support, from live chat, topic relevant blog posts up to an integrated help desk that provides advices and answers about SMS products.

Awarded: For business scenarios and SMS campaigns of all kinds

In addition, the collected data can be evaluated and tracked directly by the customer. This is possible by journal as well as account statement and SMS statistics. All services can be used intuitively without the customer requiring extensive integration or previous knowledge.

Modernized: That’s new

With the current makeover of the sms77 webapp, the gateway provider shows itself from a completely new side. Business and major customers are even more in focus, new tools are designed for high throughput rates and fast transmission. Last but not least, the interface has got a modern structure that speaks plain language.

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