Sending COVID test results – Why SMS are the best choice

Easy connectivity and usability

Many applications are implemented under high time pressure to improve     the current situation as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is important that your SMS gateway provider is easy to connect and that setting up SMS dispatch involves as little effort as possible. Choose a provider whose API is well documented and who may already have integrations in place. This way you can also test most applications without a hassle before you finally decide on a provider.
You are not only looking for an SMS gateway, but for a full service solution for your test center? Essentially, the same requirements apply for this kind of software. Make sure that data protection requirements are met, that the scope of the solution meets your needs, and that it enables a reliable and effective workflow. For example, covidoo is a DSGVO-compliant and comprehensive software for test centers, which sends its SMS with test results via covidoo is also connected to the Corona-Warn-App. Therefore, it is particularly easy to export the personalized or pseudonymized test results to the app if required.
Please note: covidoo is a German vendor with a German website. The software, however, is also available in English. Please contact covidoo for further information.

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