Server & System Monitoring make high demands on the SMS Gateway around the clock

Before the worst case occurs, an SMS to the responsible system administrator or employee can solve most problems in advance. This is usually fully automated thanks to easy-to-integrate HTTP API. Via such interfaces, the system or the server sends a generated error code as a text message via SMS to the stored telephone number. The recipient can respond immediately, fix the error, or forward the message accordingly.

High availability via SMS secures server & systems

Different industries have long been relying on solutions via business SMS in server and system monitoring – both for prevention and to secure essential measures, whether they concern individual areas or entire plants.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year – many servers and systems are running non-stop around the clock. Failures or critical situations could have fatal consequences. Thus, a reliable communication tool that reaches the responsible employees at any time is all the more important in system monitoring. What could be better for such a task than an SMS Gateway?

The scope of such application possibilities are virtually unlimited. A professional SMS Gateway scales with the requirements and offers not only lightning fast data transmission but also a lot of features for customization as well as modern standards from data protection to reliability and technical support.

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