Ship automation transmits alarm messages via SMS

The decision process:

“Initially, we had discussed the possibility of using a special device that sends prefabricated alarm SMS messages via a dedicated cellular connection. Another option was to transmit the error messages using the Signal messenger. However, in order to be able to use the messenger, we would have had to convince every single user to install the Signal app.

Three solutions were discussed

Finally, we decided on the third option of sending the alarm SMS via a professional SMS gateway provider, since nowadays every cell phone can receive and display SMS,” the ROCKSON developers explain the planning phase.
The AlarmMessenger software was meant to connect the ROCKSON automation system to the API of via the standardized OPC UA interface. This interface is standardized worldwide and unifies automation technology. The transport of data is specified as well as interfaces, security mechanisms and the semantic structure of the data. Transmitted machine data can be, for example, measured values, sensor data, controlled variables or control instructions.

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