Should your company be able to receive SMS?

In addition, you give away valuable information if you do not receive queries from customers. Keep in mind that every question and criticism from a customer is a chance for you to improve.
Also consider what happens with invitations, such as to an open house. Especially if your customers are used to being in contact with you, it is likely that they will respond to this invitation in some way. They may be accepting, cancelling or even asking questions. This is where it becomes particularly clear why the feedback channel makes perfect sense. Through mutual communication, you establish a much more personal connection with your recipients.
But especially if your customers do not know your company well, they will most likely choose the same communication channel for their reply if they want to change something about the booking or reservation. In these cases, misunderstandings and confusion can arise when your customers’ SMS messages do not get through to you. The same is true for appointment reminders.
In many other cases you do not necessarily need a return channel, but you can improve your service if you offer one anyway. For example, maybe you send booking confirmations or confirm reservations via SMS. Here, your customers do not necessarily need to be able to reply to these messages if you have another way of contacting them.

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