Simple and effective – How SMS in public authorities enable additional service

SMS in public authorities – a win-win situation

For example, appointment confirmations and reminders as well as a callback option after an incoming SMS optimize internal processes and offer an additional service at the same time.
The use of SMS in departments with long waiting times does not make time go faster, but it communicates waiting times more transparently and precisely, so that people waiting can pursue other activities during this time without your processes suffering.
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So using SMS in public authorities can be useful in many different ways. SMS can help you communicate with your customers as effectively as possible without making it impersonal. Just give it a try.
With SMS you can implement services that not only offer advantages for your citizens, but can also make your own processes more effective.
SMS can also create direct added value for citizens in public authorities if they are used to adapt existing service offerings to the living environments of citizens. This includes, for example, barrier-free services such as SMS hotlines, but also other ways of making citizen services more flexible, as shown by the example of the document terminal.

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