SMS Dictionary of Abbreviations and Smileys

Today apps send push notifications with all kinds of emojis, emails are adorned with gifs and other animated images and yes, B2B and B2C communication is now up-to-date as well.

Are they all just lazy about writing or is there more to it?

In fact, it’s not just the money saver that’s behind all this, but a dynamic youth culture that has stylized its language and expression in online games, on Internet platforms, in live chats, by messenger and, of course, by SMS. It has to be short and crisp, without much talk. YOLO is the new uncomplicated.
The fact that some of the generation not only writes this way, but actually speaks that way, has led to misunderstandings across various levels. Companies felt increasingly compelled to decipher the sometimes somewhat cumbersome subtext in order to make their customer communication more fluent again.
The first short messages were accompanied by the first abbreviations. Since the typical SMS is limited to 160 characters standard coding, people helped themselves with clear short variants of more frequently used expressions. In particular, numerous manners were adopted from English, such as the short thx, cu, bb or lol.
OMG! Did you know that all the smileys and more or less revealing abbreviations are not only part of the youth culture, but have long influenced business communication via SMS in many ways? Read more here on the blog 4u ?
A short time later, smileys were implemented using keyboard input in order to convey an emotional contribution to the written text. This can be an annoyed -.- or an amused accentuation^^.

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