SMS gateways in comparison – who reaches everyone everywhere, who is left behind?

The gateway of the next generation

Google RCS (Rich Communication Services) is on the rise, but even if the service scores by not affecting the inclusive volume, it remains a Google-dependent offering. Whatsapp and iMessage have no open API interfaces, are also manufacturer-dependent or not installed on every mobile phone, which many recipients can not be reached.
SMS is and will be always is feasible. Especially applications with receiver groups that need to be well organized, have here an ideal communication solution. In contrast to the email, SMS are demonstrably faster and above all were almost always read while the email likes to end up in spam. According to studies, the opening rate for SMS is over 99%, the reading rate within 3 minutes.
Whether there is still need for action or groundbreaking visions? We stay tuned…
Basically, SMS are still the only messaging tool with 100% compatibility with all mobile phones. So not only smartphones, even older models can be reached worldwide at any time. So the question arises as to what the future of SMS gateways is now. And even there, the forecasts are extremely positive, because no other medium is so successful and reliable in use.
So if you compare SMS Gateway with each other, you should pay attention to professionalism and flexibility. Just with cheap price it’s not done. Nothing is more annoying than to individually check fake status reports whether all messages have actually been delivered or not. With the right SMS service, you might pay 1-2 cents more per SMS, but it saves a lot of time and nerves. Another decisive factor is an intuitive workflow that is immediately ready to go even without a page-by-page instruction manual. Then you just have to find the right content for your message.

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