SMS in sports clubs – improving communication

Membership: sending confirmations and reminders

This probably sounds familiar to you: Membership fees are due, but there are always a few members who need extra reminders. With SMS, you can reach these members in a very personal way, which makes it more likely that the payment is done more quickly. You can make your SMS even more personal with the use of placeholders.
In this case, the use of SMS in sports clubs ensures a particularly personal contact with your members. Not only does this mean that members are more likely to participate in the action, it can also improve payment morale.
However, you can also use SMS for talking to new members. Confirming that payment has been received makes new members feel good. Likewise, they will appreciate a personalized welcome message. Welcome your new member and tell them the most important information. With our attachment feature, you can also have them access to important plans or similar documents.
You want to give your members the possibility to reply to your messages directly? Then you should consider getting your own inbound number!

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