SMS notifications simplify workflows and optimize processes


“The cooperation with is very good. As we are also a young and dynamic team that implements its ideas professionally, we feel like we are talking to like-minded people.”
The alternative option of sending SMS messages has saved a lot of nerves and time for the organizers and staff of the test centers. Before using SMS messaging, they were contacted very frequently by customers because they had not received confirmation of their visit or their test results.
“For communication in our tools, SMS messages are very beneficial because they get more attention than emails. E-mails are looked at once a day if necessary, but SMS messages are seen immediately,” Stefan Wirtz concludes, summarizing the advantages of SMS over e-mails.
Another look into the future: The Code Piraten are also considering using SMS for notifications in their personnel planning tool persoo. The integration would be such that the staff can be contacted via SMS and, for example, automatically receive a reminder SMS for an upcoming work assignment or when something new happens in the workflow.
“Since then, complaints have dropped significantly and the sending of almost five million SMS messages by our customers speaks for itself. In principle, SMS are now used everywhere where fast and reliable delivery of notifications is important to our customers,” Stefan Wirtz tells us.
“We can guarantee a more reliable delivery with SMS than with e-mails, if desired. However, we also notice that the use of SMS sometimes still seems too advanced and too private for invitations, especially in the event sector. Many people still tend to shy away from it. Invitations by mail are still the most common model,” smiles Stefan Wirtz.

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