SMS sweepstakes – most important pros and cons

Con: Where would SMS sweepstakes not make sense?

About 41% of people older than 65 even own a smartphone. But we all know that having a smartphone and being able to use it extensively is not necessarily the same thing. It’s just something else to have grown up with this kind of technology and communication – or at least to have learned it when it was still important for your job, for example.
If you try it anyway, feel free to let us know how it’s received!
Although SMS penetrate a large market, it is also clear that the use of cell phones in the older generations is decreasing. In addition, there are people who can read and respond to SMS, but cannot “just send an SMS by themselves” with a very specific content to a number they have not saved as a contact.
Long story short, if your target audience is largely made up of people older than 65, it may not be worth it to enable participation via SMS. Unless you’re launching a tech magazine for an older demographic? There are always exceptions!

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