sms77 is now integrated into Integromat

Since both platforms offer a similar service, the comparison with Zapier is obvious. First of all, Zapier is better known and contains more apps. On the other hand, some of the apps in Zapier are only accessible with a premium account. In Integromat, all apps and most functions are also available with free access. Also in the other limitations of free accounts there are certain differences.

Integromat – the glue of the internet

At any rate, this is the slogan of Integromat. The service belongs to the Czech company Integrators. The development of Integromat began in 2012 and the platform has been publicly available since 2016. Currently more than 250 apps are included and this number is constantly increasing. In addition, there is the option of addressing almost any API via Webhook or OAuth2 request and integrating it into a “task”.
Integromat is a platform that – similar to Zapier – links different apps and services and automates processes. sms77 is now also part of it.
Integromat offers more work steps per month, and unlike Zapier you can create complex scenarios without premium access. Since Integromat is strongly focused on data processing – another difference – maximum monthly data volume and file size are also limited.

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