sms77 wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year!

Around the holidays, nice SMS maintain friendship

At this point, we would like to thank our customers. On the one hand of course for the loyalty and trust you have placed in us. On the other hand for helping us improve our service with your feedback.

Time-delayed holiday greetings

Even if none of your employees work during the holidays, you can send your message on the right date. For this, you can use the time-delayed Sending option in the sms77 webapp. For example, you can set date and time to the late morning of Christmas Eve. Or you automatically send your message for the New Year. Additionally, if you still need some inspiration for how to write your SMS message,  we would like to refer you to our Christmas greetings from a few years ago, where we have put together a few ideas.

Time to say thank you

Especially now that relevance and personal appreciation can make a difference in the contact with your customers, an SMS during the holidays is a nice gesture. With sms77 you can easily send a personal message at Christmas or New Year’s Eve. After all: the more personal the message, the better it will be received. For example, in our webapp you can insert the name of your recipients using a placeholder. This way, you can send personal salutations to an entire contact list without having to type each SMS individually.

Send bulk sms with Bitcoin and don’t worry If your link gets reported. We are constantly monitoring your links and We’ll pause your campaigns if any issue…