Socialogue Opens Social NFT Marketplace To The Public

Socialogue Opens Social NFT Marketplace To The Public


Integrated social aspect into NFT trading 
Safe and fair marketplace
Future Plans: Metaverse, NFT Gaming battles, Fungible NFTs
Socialogue NFT project that comes with more than just a promise

What is DAO Senate?

The social catalog is open for artists to promote their works, engage with the audience and sell their artworks without significant fees. In return, the community has the space to share ideas, discuss art and get in touch with their favorite NFT artists. The community aspect creates a safe and fair environment for the artist to get recognition for their NFts that they deserve while ensuring traders get to trade in a safe space. 
Integrated social aspect into NFT trading – Bitcoin News source since June 2011 –

Besides being one of the first Social NFT Marketplaces out there, Socialogue also serves as a guide for the NFT beginners and an advisor for the trading professionals. Sharing their knowledge comes as a part of Socialogue’s Ethos! 

The project that started as an idea of a fair and social NFT trading platform has taken a big step towards revolutionizing the NFT trading market altogether. Socialogue is a place where people trade digital art and build communities, express their minds freely, and even have a chance to decide the rules that the platform is governed by. Therefore, by uploading your NFT to Socialogue, one not only puts it up for sale – one also becomes a part of a like-minded community. Find out more about introducing social aspects into NFT trading and DAO Senate here. 

Future Plans: Metaverse, NFT Gaming battles, Fungible NFTs

As innovations progress within a matter of days, Socialogue never stays behind. The platform is already available for the public to join and upload their NFTs and socialize. However, big plans are ahead. Imagine connecting to Socialogue’s metaverse, taking a stroll in a mind-boggling virtual gallery, and browsing NFTs that represent real art in the real world. That is only one of the possibilities that Socialogue’s members will have the access to. 

Safe and fair marketplace

Other than telling it as it is, Socialogue social NFT marketplace has much more value. By listening to our audience, the team knows that the main desirables in the NFT world are: security, community, recognition, and low fees. Or, no fees, if to be precise. 
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DAO Senate is a unique type of governance defined by principles similar to our well-known principles of democratic countries. The beauty of this establishment is that, unlike traditional democracy, it hasn’t been around for thousands of years — it is still in its pure form and full of potential. 
If you are even remotely aware of the NFT market, you must see the abundance of emerging new NFT projects and platforms. So, how to choose the right one to get into NFT trading? 

Socialogue is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — a place where the control is handed over to the people. As in real-life democratic countries, without the people, there would be no country, so Socialogue wouldn’t exist without the NFT lovers, artists, fans, and collectors. Therefore, we have established a virtual senate, ruled by DAO principles and led by Socialogue’s community.
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With that in mind, the Socialogue team has built a platform to solve the present NFT market problems while packing it with exciting features inspired by the latest technological innovations. The value of Socialogue lies in:

Socialogue NFT project that comes with more than just a promise

Finally, unlike other NFT projects, Socialogue doesn’t just give you a promise – they deliver. The best example is that the team already has a fully-functioning social NFT marketplace platform where you can create an account, mint NFTs and build communities. Socialogue NFT project success will give them a chance to take it all to the next level.
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If you want Socialogue to succeed and join our NFT market revolution. We’re launching our project NFTs for sale. So, be there and become a part of the DAO Senate.

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