Star Gamefi Project《The Digital Dinosaur》Value Analysis

Star Gamefi Project《The Digital Dinosaur》Value Analysis


1. Super technical team: The core members of the technical team come from well-known game companies and companies such as Google and Blizzard, and they have rich experience in game design and game ecological construction;
TDD is issued in limited quantities, matched with the game’s own “token circulation consumption model + daily burning and destruction mechanism + deflationary release model”, which can ensure the steady flow of TDD into the market and facilitate the steady increase in the value of TDD
Winner reward for PvP player vs. battle ($TDD);
How do we get DDino NFT?
Date: 12.29/12.31
Quantity: 4000
“The Digital Dinosaur” is the first dinosaur series game launched by Pixel Land, co-founded by Dimitry Sorokin (former Blizzard member) and Torres Affleck (former Google member); and was incubated by Stanford University and Harvard Thomas Blockchain Lab . The core members of the team are from Google, Blizzard, PayPal, Riot Games, Sony, Chaos and other top Internet and large-scale well-known game companies in the world. Currently, they have received US million in financing.
3. Project highlights
PvE Lord Challenge Winner Reward ($TDD);
Phase I—December 29, 2021: The number of blind boxes is 1,000, and the price is 200USDT;
Before the game goes live, the original DDino-NFT blind box of 00/unit will be pre-sold on the official website of “The Digital Dinosaur” at a limited time discount price of 0 USDT. The total pre-sale is limited to 4000 DDino-NFT blind boxes. Two-term sales:
The second phase—2021.12.31: The number of blind boxes is 3000, and the price is 200USDT;
Thomas of Stanford University Lab said: “The Pixel Land team has rich experience in game product design and game ecosystem building. With the launch of the first chain game “The Digital Dinosaur” on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we believe it can be built. A global decentralized blockchain game platform with “TDD” as the pass will eventually realize a completely decentralized NTF game meta-universe ecology.
1. What is “The Digital Dinosaur”?
3. It is a dinosaur IP series game that will be operated and iterated for a long time: the game content is rich in planning, version 2.0 will launch the territory NFT, and gradually build the Jurassic universe ecology with “dinosaurs” as the IP;
Territory Guardian: Each player can set up to three territories at the same time (attributes are not limited), and each territory can place an NFT dinosaur card with matching attributes for territory guardianship, and can get a generous $TDD territory guardian reward every 24 hours;
8.DDino NFT blind box pre-sale details and date:
TDD: The only circulated Token in the world of “The Digital Dinosaur”, with a total circulation of 400 million, and will never be issued more, of which:
So how to play the game “The Digital Dinosaur”?
4. The project has its own “token internal circulation consumption model + burning and destruction mechanism + deflationary release model”, which can ensure the stable circulation of TDD, which is conducive to the increase in the value of TDD;
Dinosaur NFTs market trading income;
The craze of AXIE and RACA announced that the Gamefi craze around the concept of meta-universe has arrived. Recently, a NFT-GameFi star project based on the BSC chain on the market called: The Digital Dinosaur is very eye-catching in the chain travel circle and capital circle. How can a DDino-NFT create a chain travel myth? Let us explore after all.
5. The project is to attract the first batch of players from around the world. The blind box will be sold in advance with a discounted amount of USDT. The tokens and the game will be launched one after another. After the game is launched, it will be adjusted to 00 TDD token purchase, and the blind box market value will follow. It will be significantly improved, and holders of the blind box in the early stage will benefit from it;
8% is used for market circulation, and 5% will be released every month since TDD is online;
4.Economic model:
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6.Game mode:
Official website:
Each player will represent a dragon trainer in the digital dinosaur world. Players need to open a blind box or obtain a dinosaur NFT card in the trading market to start the game; players can obtain it through Guardian Territory, PvE Lord Challenge, PvP Player Battle and NFT Trading $TDD rewards.
2. Project background:
DDino-NFT blind box pre-sale plan: – Bitcoin News source since June 2011 –
PvP player battle: Players can freely choose the battle mode. The system will match the players in a 3V3 battle. Players manually select the order of DDino and will fight on the system’s random territory attributes. The battle will be based on a three-round two-win system. The winner Obtain TDD rewards and release the Territory Guardian rewards in proportion to the ticket;
Price: 0 USDT;
Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. holds several Cryptocurrencies, and this information does NOT constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.
Generous Territory Guardian (Defi) reward ($TDD);
Seasonal rewards for qualifying ($TDD, rare blind boxes, etc.);
9.TDD project development roadmap
86% is used for game output and released to players through the game;
The $TDD token and the game will be launched one after another. After the game is launched, the price of the DDino-NFT blind box will be adjusted to 3500 $TDD/unit, and the market value of the blind box will increase significantly.
6% is officially held, used for operation and game development, and 25% is released every 6 months;
Different from the current chain game projects on the market, what are the highlights of “The Digital Dinosaur”?
7.Source of income:
6. Pre-sale airdrop benefits: All users who purchase blind boxes during the pre-sale period will receive $TDD airdrops and territories airdrops worth 50USDT of random attributes;
2. Diversified new Play-To-Earn mode: Players can get $TDD rewards through multiple game modes such as Guardian Territory, PvE Lord Challenge, PvP Player Battle, NFT Trading, etc. The player has an excellent gold-making experience;
Qualifying: quarterly PVP duel. Open every 2 months as a season, and each season will be open to play at a specific time;

  • June 2021: The game concept of “The Digital Dinosaur” was proposed and development started;
  • October 2021: TDD white paper is available;
  • November 2021: TDD game guild alliance in Europe, America and Southeast Asia was formally established;
  • December 2021: The official website of “The Digital Dinosaur” is launched and the blind box pre-sale is launched;
  • Early January 2022: PancakeSwap is launched on TDD, completing the IDO phase;
  •  January-February 2022: The global public beta version 1.0 of “The Digital Dinosaur” is released and online, and the PvE and PvP systems are activated;
  • March 2022: Qualifying S1 season starts globally;
  • April 2022: The global official version 2.0 of “The Digital Dinosaur” is pre-released;
  • May 2022: “The Digital Dinosaur” added an open territory NFT section, and more game modes were launched;
  • June 2022: Catering to the advent of the World Cup, launch the second “Dinosaur Soccer” with the theme of dinosaur + football;
  • October 2022: The third “Pinball Dinosaur” with the theme of “Multiplayer Shooting Competition”. This allows multiple players to engage in intense and exciting competitive confrontations;
  • 2023: Build a global decentralized blockchain game platform with “digital dinosaurs” as IP and “TDD” as tokens;
  • 2025: Achieve a completely decentralized NTF game meta-universe ecology;

PvE Lord Challenge: The game provides players with three difficulty modes to choose from. Players can freely choose the mode to participate in. Freely choose the amount of $TDD (Territory Guardian Output/Market Purchase) consumed as tickets and a little physical value, which is randomly matched by sea, land, and air. Challenge one of the three lords. If you succeed in the challenge, you can get more $TDD rewards and release the territory guard rewards in proportion to the ticket;
7. 80% of the funds flowed into the blind box pre-sale market will flow into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool;
The project will release a variety of games, the first is “The Digital Dinosaur”, which will be released in December this year. Later, dinosaur football, marble dinosaurs, dinosaur kingdom, dinosaur manor, dinosaur elves (AR reproduction), etc. will be released to form a digital dinosaur meta-universe ecology. TDD is committed to building a “digital dinosaur” as the IP, further global market promotion, expanding the user base, attracting more players, and building a global decentralized blockchain game with “TDD” as the pass The platform finally realizes a completely decentralized NTF game meta-universe ecology.

8. The DDino NFTs generated by the blind box can be applied to the Dinosaur series of games and the Jurassic universe ecology that the platform will launch in the future;
“The Digital Dinosaur” is an NFT-GameFi ecological game based on the BSC chain with the theme of “dinosaurs”. The game integrates diversified “Play to Earn” gameplay. Players can obtain $TDD rewards through guarding the territory, PvE Lord Challenge, PvP player battles and NFT transactions.
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The battle rules and gameplay are simple, easy to understand, and one-click operation; the dinosaur NFT and the territory integrate the three attribute concepts and restraint relationships of sea, land and air, and enrich the game playability; diversified token reward gameplay, satisfying global players “Play “to Earn” game experience requirements.

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