“Structural Deflation” In Europe to Boost Bitcoin Growth: Macro Investor

“Structural Deflation” In Europe to Boost Bitcoin Growth: Macro Investor

  • Bitcoin is in no man’s land in terms of its price as it balances above $10,500 but remains below the $11,000 resistance.
  • The cryptocurrency is still in a positive macro bull trend though, analysts say.
  • One reason why these analysts remain confident is that macro trends are favoring growth in the value of Bitcoin.
  • One such trend is the ongoing deflationary trends in Europe, Dan Tapiero of 10T Holdings recently suggested.
  • Tapiero is a long-time gold bull that has recently made a focus of his Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
  • He thinks that macro trends have the potential to drive BTC an order of magnitude higher this cycle.

Bitcoin Poised to Rally Due to Structural Deflation Trends

His thesis behind this assertion was that this will cause European Union real interest rates to tick higher, driving the value of the Euro higher relative to the U.S. dollar. This should drive Bitcoin and gold higher as they are seen as hedges against declines in the relative value of the U.S. dollar.
Massive structural deflation in Europe supports #Bitcoin

Crushes legacy EU banks

Far From the Only Bullish Macro Trend

— Dan Tapiero (@DTAPCAP) October 3, 2020
“Massive global liquidity to hit mkts NEXT year. Chart suggests #equity mkt at risk of correction in Q4, then single greatest rally of our lifetime in 2021. Enormous speed and near vertical price increase possible. Might be led by #GOLD this time. #Bitcoin would benefit too.”

Supports gold and #btc. pic.twitter.com/KrpNfMIhxp

Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash
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Charts from TradingView.com “Structural Deflation” In Europe to Boost Bitcoin Growth: Macro Investor

This is far from the only macro trend that Tapiero has touched on that could drive investment in Bitcoin higher.

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