The 6 most known SMS (un)truths: Find out more about the rumors

This gives you an incredible number of possibilities to spread your messages, be it as Email2SMS, SMS2Email or directly from your application with tools such as sms77-cli.
Internet marketing has one weakness: the recipient needs Internet access and, of course, must be online often enough. In many countries/ generations neither one nor the other applies. In addition, SMS are compatible with almost all mobile phone models and can be received across networks.
All features can be integrated easily. For example, you can send messages with a time delay, only to selected groups or automatically generated PINs, TANs, OTPs, Public WIFI Codes, etc. This allows you to benefit from the advantages of an Internet gateway without your customers having to activate Internet access themselves.
With the right SMS products you can successfully place your marketing campaigns without any problems. What is important is a scalable gateway that can be flexibly adapted to your requirements.

Myth 4: Internet marketing is more effective than mobile messaging.

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