The best alternative ad networks in 2021

The best alternative ad networks in 2021


Alternative ad networks at glance
Type of Ads: Display Banners
Type of Ads: Display Banners
Last but not least, we reach a slightly different beast. OpenX is one of the largest Google alternatives and their secret weapon is the walled garden framework. Simply put, OpenX makes all of its publishers switch to its own suite of tools, enabling in-depth user tracking. This implies that this online ad network doesn’t run on third-party cookies and has its own user tracing that follows the viewers across its whole network of publishers. As a result, advertisers achieve extremely precise targeting and overly detailed metrics that, by the way, cannot be downloaded. The downside to such complexity, is that you will need an ads ops expert to set your advertising campaign right. 
Regardless of whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, chances are you will, sooner or later, get in touch with an online advertising network. As an advertiser, the intent would be to promote your product or service and reach the audience your business needs. As a publisher, or in simple words, a website owner, you would want to monetise all the traffic your asset generates. In both of these cases, it is the ad networks that answer all the needs. 
Clients: Wide audience but mostly advisable to retail
Types of Campaigns: CPC, CPM
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Dianomi is for the finance world, what Bitmedia is for blockchain. This alternative ad network is considered to be the leader of native ads for the money markets, boasting an average reader income of ,000. By native ads, we underline banners that match the design of a publication and therefore look as if they are part of the original content. Yes, Dianomi operates in a very narrow spectrum of industries, but at the same time, it is what makes them the top of the crop. 
Every sector has its heroes
This stipulates that regardless of the resources these giants have access to, they cannot compete with niche ad networks in their respective industries of choice. It is what fuelled the rise of such alternative ad networks and steered the market away from AdSense monopoly. In fact, this new market is so diverse, that we decided to find out what the most vibrant representatives of the alternative field have to offer. Are they really a better choice for both advertisers and publishers?
Clients: Wide audience
Clients: Blockchain projects and publishers
Clients: Blockchain projects and publishers
Clients: Blockchain projects and publishers
Clients: Blockchain projects and publishers
Your niche dictates the platform

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Bitmedia (Crypto and blockchain)

Bitmedia offers CPM floors to publishers and very in-depth targeting to advertisers. Moreover, this crypto ad network screens all of its clients, thereby protecting the industry from scam, the very reason why crypto got banned by conventional platforms in the first place. Does it really work? Check this article for an answer
Advertising networks are platforms that distribute banners of all types and sizes across the publishers they work with. At the same time, they let publishers earn from ad placements and this is how the world of advertising has been operating for the past 20 years. Of course, Google Ads and Facebook are the first that spring to mind as primary representatives of this industry, but at the same time, one cannot be the jack of all trades. 
These AdSense alternative ad networks serve as proof that life doesn’t only exist beyond the likes of Facebook, but it thrives. Each ad platform boasts advantages that prevail in their designated fields and resultantly can deliver better results to their clients. After all, it seems that being an immense ad network that serves everything and everyone may turn out to be a disadvantage and will only add fuel to the rocket that is the alternative display ad networks.
Gum Gum (Wide scope)

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