The Lion Kingdom NFT is excited to announce its confirmed Launch date on NOV 15TH

The Lion Kingdom NFT is excited to announce its confirmed Launch date on NOV 15TH


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The Lion Kingdom NFT collection is not just NFTs— but an entire ecosystem which integrates games, its ERC-20 tokens ($LOK) for gameplay, and a staking/farming system. Each of the Lions will have its own Kingdom in Prairie, facilitating hunting, breeding, and war amongst other Lion Kingdoms.

  • Uniqueness NFTs: A beginning collection of 10,000 Lion NFTs – generated as cubs with a uniquely random combination of 175 different traits. You can find these Lions on the Ethereum Network in the form of ERC-721 tokens.
  • Unique Kingdom: Each of the Lion Kingdom NFTs provide you with your own unique character and features to build and create your Kingdom as you see fit. With each Lion Kingdom NFT, you gain full commercial and unique rights to its character.
  • Engagement and Fun: Lion kingdom team has an active engagement and daily contest for our active members on our communities — discord, twitter, and telegram.
  • Reward: With our active communities, there will be weekly and monthly lion racing game with first, second and third player worthy of a 300%, 200% and 100% reward respectively.
  • Massive giveaway: After launch, there will be tickets available to users to claim NFTs, airdrop for early users, and other randomly chosen users.
  • Token: The LOK token can be used for other multiple interesting games as well as the Staking/Farming system to users offering to offer security, collateral, liquidity with high yields.

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What to Look forward to in the Lion Kingdom ecosystem
Lion Kingdom NFTs will be ready for first mint on our Website on Nov 15th and after, they’ll be also available on OpenSea at 0.07ETH for mint. (We’ll sell the tickets first to avoid Gas War).

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Where and how to get Lion Kingdom NFTs
Want to know what to look forward to! Keep reading.
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