The right address: Mobile real estate marketing via SMS

Fully automated SMS marketing

The principle is both simple and ingenious: Person A (in our case, the interested party) sends the SMS code, which is on the information board, to the mobile number also indicated there. Of course, this doesn’t  have to be your own number. A virtual or physical number would be optimal for this. This can, for example, be integrated into your SMS service via an inbound system and serve as sender for outgoing messages.
The message ends up at the server of your SMS service provider and is verified there. Fully automatically, the system then sends a pre-programmed SMS back to person A. This includes, for example, information about square meters, year of construction, availability and more. The process takes hardly a few seconds and then the SMS appears on the receiving device of the person A.
The key advantage: The receiving device (of person A) does not require internet access or other special requirements. Even older mobile devices can easily receive SMS. At any time. Worldwide.

Design your newspaper advertisements short and crisp – but with QR code. This can be scanned by app and sends e.g. an SMS or e-mail to the recipient, or forwards them directly to your website.

Send bulk sms with Bitcoin and don’t worry If your link gets reported. We are constantly monitoring your links and We’ll pause your campaigns if any issue…