Three useful ways to distribute your app via SMS

2. Link Forwarding – Dynamic Links

This is the most elegant way to send your link. Through a third-party provider, you can have a dynamic link generated that will automatically forward your recipients to the platform that is relevant to them. This way, you end up sending a single, identical link to all recipients. They open the link, the third-party provider recognizes the relevant operating system and forwards the request to the appropriate platform. With some providers, landing pages can also be stored, which serve as a fallback option should your app not be available for the customer’s operating system.
Providers include,, and Please note that we do not take any responsibility for the use of these services and have no connection with them. The providers also differ in their payment models. Of course, there are many other providers out there. Inform yourself thoroughly before you decide on one of them.
Cons: Of course, another party means additional risk. You definitely need to find out about the company providing the link and, if in doubt, inform your customers about the company’s involvement before they enter any information.
Pros: Very convenient for recipients, you have to query less data in advance, possibly less effort for you.

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