Top 7 Marketing Tools for Bookmakers After the Pandemic

Top 7 Marketing Tools for Bookmakers After the Pandemic


The pandemic has launched a new trend – fan challenges. Fans from all over the world came together via video link to support their favorite teams.
Different placement formats are available in dating services:

1. SERM | Reputation Work

Secondly, you can collect projects that are interesting for different segments of your target audience.
from 2 million views of broadcasts in one tournament.

2. Placement in Dating Services

Esports is the only betting segment that has grown during the pandemic. Live streams of online tournaments regularly break records in terms of reach and views. Due to their presence in eSports, companies can achieve:
Working on reputation on all platforms will help increase conversions in app installs and deposits. As well as reduce the cost of user acquisition.

  • media (static banners and video ads);
  • special projects (branded cards, polls, chatbots).

3. Collaboration With Micro-influencers

Experts here talk about what tools should be used when promoting bookmakers to return the former traffic.
Thematic micro-influencers are not an alternative to celeb, they solve other problems. Instead of large coverage, you get:

  • high level of involvement;
  • focus on performance;
  • narrow audience segmentation;
  • low cost of placement.

4. Integration Into Podcasts

In December 2020, the bookmaker market lost about 70% of its income due to the self-isolation regime. Indeed, many sporting events have been rescheduled, if not canceled. However, people who love bets could still make bets on 22Bet on the most unexpected and crazy world events.
Third, the majority of the audience for topic podcasts is educated and rational users with upper-middle-income.
Why go to podcasts? First, it is an opportunity to directly tell the audience about the service, its functions, and benefits.

5. Collaborations in Esports

88% of bettors trust online reviews as well as recommendations from friends. For promotion, it is very important to analyze the reputation in the main betting channels. To restore a positive information background.

  • large coverage of a young audience;
  • high level of involvement;
  • constant contact with the audience of the tournament;
  • the ability to lead users from the broadcast directly to the site;

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6. Fan Challenges

In the end, podcasts are a cost-effective tool for building knowledge among a paying audience.
In Google Play, unlike the App Store, the placement of bookmaker apps is prohibited. Therefore, Android clients need to provide access to install the application. To do this, you can upload apk files to alternative stores (for example, Nine Store, F-Droid, Amazon AppStore, APKMirror).
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  • low barrier to entry;
  • high coverage;
  • high UGC rates;
  • increasing audience loyalty.

7. Using Alternative Stores for Android Users – Bitcoin News source since June 2011 –

Fan Challenges have simple mechanics. To launch, you need to record a creative video with a call, post it on the social network, put a hashtag with the name of the BC and prepare valuable prizes for the winners.
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Influencer marketing doesn’t always mean expensive celebrity partnerships. Star ambassadors transfer their audience’s loyalty to the brand, but they cost a lot of money and often show a low ER (engagement rate).
Placement in dating services is a tool that will help betting bypass the reduction in ad placements and appear on a new popular platform. Applications for dating are actively used by the male audience, which bookmakers are interested in attracting.

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