Top Ten of best Marketing Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday

If you offer products on Amazon, also mark the whole week from 20.11. to 27.11., because during this period the #CyberWeek takes place. In principle, a small countdown, but by which the almost perfectly short time frame is already bursting. After all, the few days make the Black Friday so exclusive that you can hardly wait until it is finally time. Almost like “pre-Christmas”.
So the date is set – now we can start with the top 10 best marketing ideas for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday!

Be ready for the sales weekend of the year

November 24th 2017 BLACK FRIDAY & November 27th 2017 CYBER MONDAY

  • whose date is known
  • that promises many discounts
  • and great news.

Do you already have the $ sign in your eyes? Soon it will be time again, and the purchasing power of the customers will reach a wonderful high performance. For months, companies train the target group, lure them, bind them, do their utmost to earn their loyalty – and then POW, within 1 to 4 days, the effort pays off. For a successful result, you should note some useful tips and push your creativity to the highest level.

In addition to Christmas sales and seasonal sales, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are THE marketing events of superlatives – if you do it right. Short time window, high profile and the holidays are comming soon: best conditions for marketing strategists to prove themselves.
Even though Black Friday has its historical roots, this doesn’t care for many today. For your customers it’s primarily an event
High expectations that you should be better prepared for. So enter the appointment in your calendar in good time:

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