Tutorial: Forward SMS to Telegram

The Chat ID

{ “ok”:true, “result”:[ { “update_id”:583557485, “message”:{ “message_id”:3, “from”:{ “id”:1687380549, “is_bot”:false, “first_name”:”Jana”, “last_name”:”L”, “language_code”:”de” }, “chat”:{ “id”:1687380549, “first_name”:”Jana”, “last_name”:”L””, “type”:”private” }, “date”:1615446212, “text”:”Hello again” } } ]

Now we are missing the chat ID to successfully set up the forwarding. There are a few ways to find out this ID, but we recommend this one: Open the chat with your new bot and click “Start”. Send a message to the bot. Then call https://api.telegram.org/botTOKEN/getUpdates. Instead of TOKEN, of course, you put the token for your bot that you received from BotFather. In your return, you will see the chat id. It is after the value "id", not after "update_id".

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