Verlux NFT Launches its Token Sale, As It Set Sights On Being The Biggest Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain

Verlux NFT Launches its Token Sale, As It Set Sights On Being The Biggest Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain


Since the introduction of the NFT blockchain technology, NFT has massively changed the market of digital assets. It has solved the existential problem of content creators establishing ownership of their contents. Following the famous sale of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5,000 Days NFT sold for over .3 million to a Singapore-based programmer, NFT has been the rave of the cryptocurrency industry with content creators and artists using the blockchain technology as a means of selling their arts and earning what they deserve.
However, the team at Verlux believes the potential of the NFT ecosystem is limitless. We believe NFT is not only limited to ownership of arts but rather a future where NFTs can function like membership cards, share ownership, tickets to events, exclusive merchandise, patents, and so much more.

$VLX Token Seed Sale is live now, early birds and Initial investors who wish to acquire some $VLX tokens at the seed sale can do so by visiting the $VLX token sale page.
Marketplace That Aims To Disrupt The Conventional NFT System
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Location: Walsall, West Midlands, UK
Minimum Buy: 200 ADA
Maximum Buy: 15,000
$VLX is the utility token that will power the Verlux Ecosystem, which is deployed on the Cardano Blockchain. $VLX has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and will be used by users in various ways such as: Transaction Fees, Featured Listings, and NFT Farming etc.
Verlux is creating a marketplace that will disrupt the conventional NFT system, integrating a staking platform where users can farm special edition and 100% exclusive NFTs, this novel protocol is one of the features that is making Verlux stand out amongst other NFT marketplaces as it is one of the first projects on the Cardano network to do so.
Company Name: Verlux
The team at Verlux will remain constantly innovative and consistently strive to deliver its powerful suite of services and more. Users should expect more innovative ideas to come from them as it aims to be the leading force in the NFT ecosystem with its innovative team.
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The Future is NFT
The Verlux Ecosystem
Verlux aims to be the biggest NFT Marketplace as they are on mission to bring constant innovation and create solutions necessary to tap into the limitless potential of the NFT ecosystem. Verlux believes the NFT ecosystem is still in its early stages and have the right team to ensure we improve its scalability.
1 VLX = 0.0018 ADA
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Contact Name: Mathias Grunther
Media Details
$VLX Token
$VLX Seed Sale Details
Unlike other existing NFT platforms, Verlux will be building a Cross-Chain Swap protocol which will allow users swap their NFTs on other Blockchains to Cardano blockchain to utilize its advantages of low transaction costs, speed and security.
The Verlux platform allows users perform an efficient and seamless swap of NFTs from other Blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain. Its aims for NFTs to utilize the low transaction cost, fast transaction and security of the Cardano ecosystem.
Verlux is pleased to inform the crypto community about start of its Token Sale. Verlux visions to build the biggest Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain.
Email: [email protected]
How To Buy $VLX Token
Allocation: Seed Sale allocation is 25% (250,000,000)
A detailed guide on How To Join The Seed Sale for early adopters. The Seed Sale starts on November 12th, 2021.
Verlux Ecosystem is powered by its token $VLX, which is used to facilitate transactions on the platform. Holders of the token are also given the opportunity to become decision makers and vote to endorse future features to be implemented on the platform.
About Verlux
The Verlux project was created with its novel feature being a Cross-Chain Swap Protocol that will enable users swap NFTs from other Blockchains to the Cradano Blockchain. Verlux is poised to be a pacesetter for the Cardano NFT ecosystem.

1 ADA = 555
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The future is NFT and projects such as Verlux giving a suitable solution to ensure the scalability of NFTs is sure poised to be a global player in the NFT Ecosystem.

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