Wake up! How customer reactivation via SMS can work for your business

Why you should consider customer reactivation via SMS

But promotions via SMS are also suitable for stationary retail. If you send invitations or discount codes, for example, customers can simply show them in the retail store and don’t have to remember to pack their voucher. If they have their cell phone with them, they also have your message with them.

The opportunity

When you try to reactivate your customers through a personal SMS message, you have the chance to initiate more than just a purchase. The personal medium encourages a conversation where you can not only advise, but also learn what may be holding your customers back from making a purchase. Rarely do you have the chance to learn so much.

The medium

Perhaps you already have gathered some experience with reactivation campaigns and are wondering why, in particular, customer reactivation via SMS would make sense for you.
Let’s take a look at the most important reasons together:
But it’s not just the personal touch of SMS that speaks for it as a medium. Already, 52% of people who store online do so via their cell phones. That’s about 28.6 million people in Germany alone. This means that for online stores in particular, the path to purchase is very short. From the SMS, a link can lead your customers directly to the product.


Personalized, individualized messages have an especially high chance of eliciting a response from your customers; after all, customers don’t usually sign up for your text messages unless they’re interested in your offers. Also, offer your customers the opportunity to reply to your SMS to possibly learn the reasons why they don’t currently want to buy from you. ROI on highly personalized campaigns is much higher, in our experience, than those that send standard generic messages. The personal nature of the SMS can reinforce this.

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