What to look for when choosing a bulk SMS provider

The server location and other privacy requirements

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you want to send bulk SMS or send messages to a few people: In any case, you should know where the provider’s servers are located. The reason for this is quite simple: data protection.
Depending on which countries you want to send SMS to, there may be other regulations that come into play that not only affect data protection, but also other aspects of sending SMS, such as opt-outs and permitted content. Make sure to find out in advance about the individual regulations in the respective recipient country.
Pay attention to: The server location (EU) and other privacy requirements, if needed.
If you send SMS to recipients in EU countries, you must comply with the requirements of the GDPR. This means in the case of sending bulk SMS through an SMS gateway: If there is even a single recipient from an EU country, the data must be stored and processed in the EU. You really shouldn’t cut any corners here, because violations can be expensive.

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