When SMS don’t arrive – reasons and guidelines

A few words on international regulations

The following points are the most common reasons why SMS do not reach your, mostly international, recipients. Please note that we cannot prevent the filtering of the network operators. Furthermore, we cannot see why an SMS was rejected by the respective carrier. However, the reasons explained in this article should give you an idea of what to look out for in order to make sure your message is being delivered.
We recommend our blog post “International communication – These country-specific rules you must observe in your SMS campaign”. It contains a table where you can get a first overview of the respective regulations. Nevertheless, please inform yourself separately about your individual recipient countries.
Unfortunately, the international SMS market is very inconsistent and difficult to keep track of. Almost every country in the world has its own rules that decide what is allowed and what is not. Not even the EU countries have uniform regulations. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you thoroughly inform yourself about the regulations of the recipient country in advance, no matter where you are sending SMS. In addition to the permitted content, you also need find out about opt-out regulations. In some countries, you can expect heavy fines if you do not comply with the rules. Going beyond the specifics mentioned below, you should also pay attention to the time at which you can send SMS. If you send an SMS outside of the permitted timeframe, the message is usually cached and delivered later.

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