World’s first NFT Space Collection Taken by ISS Will be Hosted by Major Crypto influencers

World’s first NFT Space Collection Taken by ISS Will be Hosted by Major Crypto influencers

Space Collection

Passionate about DeFi, Gaming & NFTs, Bailey Tan is an Investment Analyst at DeFiance Capital, working closely with the founders of many leading projects.
Amelia Tomasicchio (Cryptonomist, Founder)
Mai, or more popularly known in Japan as “Miss Bitcoin”, has been immersed in the crypto-space since 2011. She is the founder of Gracone.
He works on content development and NFT planning for the platform business “PlayMining” at DEA. He maintains the YouTube channel “NFTv” and web media “NFT navi” to educate people about the potential of NFT and its use-cases.
Space Collection
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Burnt Bansky fascinated everyone for the first time, when he burned an authentic Banksy painting and turned it into an NFT. By today, he has led the innovation in the NFT space and initiated the development at Burnt Finance.
The live event will feature a photo shooting of the Earth from the ISS, and will highlight the real time creation of the NFTs from the unique images taken. It will be also supplemented by the discussion on crypto space trends in 2021, as well as the outlook for 2022 expectations.
In total, 2022 NFT collections will be issued to mark the start of the new year. The photos will be the very first captured after midnight from 00:00 UTC/GMT, 1 January 2022 from the ISS, which orbits the Earth every 90 minutes. 20.22% of proceeds will be donated to the International Astronomical Project for the purchase of a next generation ultra-large telescope to support space development projects around the world.
Number of NFTs: Limited to 2,022 images
Ikuma Ueno (DEA, Head of Crypto Strategy)
This will be the world’s first NFT project to issue a collection of NFTs from space. This launch adds another first for the partnership after the duo hosted a countdown party on the ISS KIBO studio, giving viewers a real-time view of the Earth as they counted down into 2021. In 2022, the audience will have an opportunity to go a step further and claim some of the world’s first NFTs to be launched from space.
As a crypto journalist, Tamara researches trends and regulations in the crypto community in various countries, and has contributed to a number of major media outlets. She often shares her findings at the events.
He is responsible for the management strategy and global expansion of DEA’s crypto asset and blockchain operations. Specifically, he works creating a wide range of strategies to popularize DEP with new applications, he is also in charge of planning and promoting new businesses.
2. ASTRO-DOGU 2022
Miss Bitcoin (Mai Fujimoto, Gracone, CEO) 
Seongmin Yoon (Panony Marketing Director & Head of Korea)
Amelia Tomasicchio is the Founder and CEO of Cryptonomist, Italy’s largest cryptomedia company, also being a part of Huobi Global.

Singapore, Singapore, 30th December, 2021, Chainwire

The following influencers are planning to speak at the event:
Seongmin is a PR marketing professional in blockchain and crypto with previous experiences at one of the leading Korean exchanges, as well as building various blockchain & crypto communities globally.
Tamara Soykina (Crypto Journalist)
Bailey Tan (DeFiance Capital, Investment Analyst)
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Kozo Yamada (DEA, Co-Founder & CSO)


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